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Eugene Weekly

Films open the Friday following date of EW e book unless otherwise noted. See aged movie reviews.

Animal cottage: National Lampoon Animal House filmed in Lane County in nov 1977, At locations including Main Street in Cottage Grove and UO campus. R. March 7, VRC ground 15.

Arthur since the Invisibles: In this cartoon feature, 10 year old Arthur goes in pursuit of a magical land after finding a note left by [url=https://datingspanis...tiful-spanish-women/]beautiful in spanish[/url] his grandfather. outlined by Luc Besson (The Fifth facet). PG. March 6, VRC arena 15.

barnyard: as soon as the farmer away, The cows will order pizzas and throw an event? Don think too much about this animated feature or you'll begin to wonder why Otis (Kevin wayne) shows udders. PG. March 5 7, VRC arena 15.

tahitian Snake Moan: Hustle and Flow director Craig Brewer returns this particular story of a nymphomaniac young woman (Christina Ricci) which are, after a wild night, Is drawn in by Laz (Samuem m. fitzgibbons), A reformed bluesman motivated to set her straight. R. Cinemark.

curious George: the man in the Yellow Hat (could Ferrell) Tries his best to tame Curious George in this animated version of the beloved little series. h. March 5 7, VRC arena 15.

Devil has on Prada, ones: Meryl Streep stars as traumatic, high powered fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestley, Whose new associate (Anne Hathaway) Is fresh from college and totally naive about fashion. PG 13. March 5, VRC ground 15. ONLINE racks.

Flicka: The remarkably ageless Alison Lohman (Matchstick guys) just as before plays a teen, This time one who prefer to work on her father ranch (And work together with wild mustang Flicka) Than go university. PG. March 6, VRC arena 15. PG13. presentations 12.

Garfield: A Tail of Two kitties: Bill Murray returns as the [url=https://meetspanishw...om/meetspanishwomen/]lady in spanish[/url] voice of the once considerably classic Garfield, Who ensues his owner Jon (Breckin meyer) To east london. PG. March 5 7, VRC arena 15.

Gridiron team: In a variation on at least a dozen other motivational sports movies, The Rock plays a healthcare practitioner at a juvenile detetion facility who teaches his young charges life lessons via football. PG 13. March 5 7, VRC arena 15.

guardian, the entire: A hotshot young Coast Guard attempt swimmer (Ashton Kutcher) Learns how to be a real hero from a retired swimmer who lost his team in an incident (Kevin Costner). PG 13. March 5 7, VRC athletic field 15.

contentedly N After: Sigourney Weaver, Voicing an evil queen who ruins story book Land, Faces off against unlikely counteraction leader Sarah Michelle Gellar in this painfully punctuated tale. PG. theatre 12.

wonderful Feet: Warner Bros. Chases some March of the Penguins dough various animated film, Starring Elijah Wood as a cute lil guy on the lookout for his soul mate. (okay, So they were performing on this one first.) PG. academia AWARD: BEST cartoon FEATURE. March 5 7, VRC athletic field 15.

Lunafest: Fundraising film festival promotes understanding of women issues and showcases women filmmakers. persists benefit Womenspace. 7 pm March 7, 240A McKenzie room, UO. $10, $7 stu.

unwrap Season: Sony breaks into the animation game with the story of a clueless grizzly bear (Martin Lawrence) Whose excellent Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) Lures him directly into the wild life. PG. March 5 7, VRC arena 15.

status, usually the: Two magicians (dean jerrod Bale, Hugh Jackman) See their slight friendship turn to rivalry in captain christopher Nolan (Batman begins) Enthralling photographic film. who have Scarlett Johansson, eric Caine and David Bowie. PG13. March 5 7, VRC ground 15. (10/26/06)

pursuit of Happyness, typically: Will Smith stars as a down on his luck father who strives finances as a stockbroker while facing eviction and raising his son (Smith every day life son Jaden). PG13. March 5 7, VRC stadium 15.

quiet Flows the Don: A Russian classic that follows the story of Grigory Melekhov through Russian Revoultion, the beginning of WWI and the trials of young love. function 2 of 3. In european with English subtitles. 7 pm hours March 6, 111 pacific cycles, UO. Free.

rocky Balboa: When a computer simulation shows that the young Rocky would probably have taken down the current champion, the maturing Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) Agrees to an convention bout. PG. entertainment 12. March 5 7, VRC arena 15.

song you choose for Martin: A concertmaster and composer fall in love but find their break up challenged when Martin, some composer, is afflicted with Alzheimer In Swedish with English subtitles. 7 pm March 2, 221 McKenzie, UO. Free.

our warmer tempuratures, warm weather, trip, wintry weather and Spring: skillfully beautiful and very human drama, glaring director Kim Ki duk, Is entirely set on and around a tree lined lake where a tiny Buddhist monastery floats on a raft amidst a beautiful landscape. 7 pm hours March 8, Int system Center, EMU, UO. Free. ONLINE microfiche.

uphold Me: River Phoenix film debut as one of four 12 year old boys who choose a dead body on their trek into the Oregon woods. immensely important. R. March 7, VRC athletic field 15. Finds himself a hot commodity among the step dancing teams of two fraternities at a school in Atlanta. PG13. videos 12.

pure Land: Ali Selim lyrical film follows the tale of a young German woman who arrives in Minnesota to marry a quiet Norwegian farmer. The insularity of the tight knit community proves both trouble and blessing in this smartly filmed, true love story. PG. Bijou. See review this concern.

motion Time: Roger Ebert calls this best of the Astaire/Rogers films. Screening will be followd by a discussion with Diane Retallack of the Eugene Concert Choir. 7 evening March 4, queen. Free. PG 13. March 5 7, VRC stadium 15. (8/10/06)

mad Hogs: kind of dirt did the producers have on William H. Macy, chris Travolta, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence to cause them to appear in this male bonding, Midlife crisis flick with a mortifying truck? PG13. movie theatre World. Cinemark.

without Limits: Robert Towne (Chinatown, exclusive Best) told this tale of the UO great 1970s track star, gary Prefontaine (Billy Crudup). Script does justice to your man and his great coach, Mentor and on occasion adversary, balance Bowerman (brian Sutherland). PG 13. March 7, VRC ground 15.

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