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Rightfully, the most powerful films I've ever watched is Seven Lives. Perhaps Will Smith's best work. Together with his are employed in The Pursuit of Happiness, this film, which I most certainly will focus on today, deserves an array of awards, not for special effects instead of for breathtaking stunts, truly for that director's work, and also for the story the fact that entire film crew had been create. ... I want to note that the script of the film is not to similar, and all at once, it is far from an arthouse. The film can be obtained for everybody to be aware of, celebrate you believe, stop and reminisce in your life. This film seriously isn't art for art's sake, it can be art for life's sake.

The mood from the film is conveyed by the primary words of the trailer “In a week God created the world. In seven seconds I destroyed mine. ” The leading character, Ben, is often a deeply unhappy person. As a consequence of Will Smith's play, it is usually guessed from the first seconds in their eyes. He lives alone in his large luxurious house for the shore in the ocean, alone watches the sunsets and sunrises, alone swims and applies to a jog. The viewer is disturbed because of the innuendo that shrouds Ben's life. Sometimes he behaves very strange. By way of example, he calls the consumer service of a restaurant and taunts a blind operator, or he sniffs out of the financial debts of your patient he met within the hospital.

Ben's actions are difficult to understand, however you feel that most people where lives he interferes are somehow linked with each other. All are infinitely unhappy.

At about the sixth minute, I stopped the film because I really could don't keep my tears. Nothing dramatic perceived to have happened, no person was beheaded, nobody jumped from the roof. But sense of despair grips the viewer from the earliest minutes.

Ben invades the lives of numerous people - Ezra, the blind live answering services company operator; Emily with heart failure; Connie, who's regularly beaten by her husband; George is usually a hockey coach and others. It's only by the end of the film that you start to know Ben's intent. He frightens and as well delights, because not everyone is capable of such sacrifice.

The cast is brilliant. It seems that the actors felt the drama of their total characters, as if they lived it themselves.

The action of the film is associated with heartbreaking music.

Generally speaking, this film seriously isn't for entertainment without for watching with friends, and indeed with anyone else. Make an effort to to see Seven Lives alone. And to tell you the truth, this is not very the film you want to discuss.

10 beyond 10

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